hel·low (ˈhelō/) exclamation. A salutation embodying the vibrant energy found in the color yellow.

26 March 2012

Afraid of the Dark?

Get in a jet and fly west. Keep flying west. Prolong the day, eternally, and you will never face the night. Not once will you see the sky turn black. If you follow the sun, you will leave the darkness in your wake. Don't look back to face it. Never turn around. Until you run out of fuel and have to fill up your tank. Make it quick, because the sun keeps twisting around the globe. Stretching the darkness, like a canvas, in its trail as it runs about the surface. Get back in the air and keep following the light. It is a continual journey with no destination. A flight from the night. Moving to avoid, not to attain. A trek to survive. Live in the day, and never face your fear. This is what you must do.

Or get a nightlight.

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