hel·low (ˈhelō/) exclamation. A salutation embodying the vibrant energy found in the color yellow.

07 March 2012


What is happiness? Once you realize you don't have it, you end up spending most of your time pursuing it. The trek seems pointless. You go nowhere. Maybe there is nothing to pursue. Happiness is just a figment of the imagination, a collection of lies bundled up in a pretty little package and handed to you over the counter at the mental pharmacy. A children's book about balloons and clowns and smiling faces. Happiness is for the dogs. Or humans too simple to take a blunt look at reality. Just find something you enjoy. Spend time with people. It will come back around. That's what they say. There is no bright side when the world is painted black. Screw it. I'll get some paint and go at it, see what I can do. All colors turn to black eventually. So yeah. I'll fool myself with the delusions manifested in a bucket of colorful paint. I'll be "happy" for a bit. Then it will turn black. The truest color.

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