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30 March 2012

Insecurity Blanket

Babies are born and immediately wrapped up in a security blanket to keep them warm and clean. As a child, they are given a blanket and stuffed animals to comfort them and provide security when not in their mother's arms. Once childhood is left behind and they become teenagers, the need for security does not go away. They search for friends, and acquire them at all costs. They shed their personal identity in return for social security. They want someone to lean on, someone to support them through the challenges of growing up. They need a blanket to hide their insecurities. Humans are social creatures so one of the greatest feelings of security is achieved in a group of other people. However, in order to be accepted into that group, they conform to their customs. They wear the same clothes, speak the same things, and find "interest" with the collective. In order to feel secure, people need to wear a mask. An insecurity blanket. Maybe this comes in the form of makeup, a layer of disguise to hide their truest form. Maybe this comes in the form of alcohol, a potion to break down their sense and set aside the moral compass. Maybe this comes in the form of a pseudo-smile, acting bubbly and chipper on the outside while the inside wilts in weeping. It is pointless.
Stop hiding behind that mask. You are beautiful.
Stop looking for someone to lean on. You have two feet.
Stop hugging your insecurity blanket. You don't need it.

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