hel·low (ˈhelō/) exclamation. A salutation embodying the vibrant energy found in the color yellow.

08 March 2012

The Business Student

The beautiful face stared back behind the glass. Deep brown eyes gazed longingly into mine. So gorgeous. Brown hair, lying perfectly, without the slightest work of comb or brush. An excellent nose. Amazing lips. Helluva smile. Perfect ten. No, twelve. Nah, let's say an eight. Looks modest. Adds to attractiveness. Heck, what should I care? Already such a charming and flawless personality. People laugh with you all the time. Everyone wants to be you. Or with you. Just any opportunity to reach out and stroke that flawless skin...God. Thank you, actually, you've given me everything. Just the ability to stare upon this impeccable being is motivation to keep living. I gaze back through the glass and smiled. If only I could have you...so smart. So talented. A mind and body far surpassing all others. They all praise you. They beg on their knees for you. Its just the cross you have to bear, isn't it? Being alive for the world to enjoy. Don't look so unassuming. Be proud. You're the best thing in the world. You can move mountains. Everyone knows it. You read people like a book. Books...you haven't needed to read in years. Just so much natural intelligence. You don't need any backstairs method to achieve perfection. You already have it. In boatloads. Sometimes I wonder why you even sleep. For beauty, you just put everyone else to shame. You know that. You don't even need beauty sleep. Sleep is such an average thing to do...and you're so extraordinary. Why waste your time in an empty bed...who am I kidding? Your bed is never empty. Unless by choice. Everyone is dying to be with you. Who wouldn't be? Why can't I have you? Don't cry, I know you want me too, but its best this way...for everyone. You bring joy and happiness to the world. Nobody could even live without you. I can barely crawl out of bed in the morning unless I know you're waiting for me behind this glass. But you taunt me. God I want you! But I can't. You're too perfect. We're too perfect. Damn this mirror.

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