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17 March 2012

Sui Generis

\su-i-je-ne-res\ adj: constituting a class alone; unique or peculiar

Why do so many people want to be this? Why does everyone want to separate themselves from the masses of the human race and become their own species, independent of fellow man? What makes so many of us humans believe we are so individually extraordinary? Perhaps it is the rising population, as estimates in the near future plan to break the 9 billion mark. With so many of our kind coming into existence, we do not want to be lost in the crowd. One does not wish to become a pixel on a far-encompassing screen that comprises an image of the human form. We are one people. But each one of us wants to be our own person. We want to be sui generis. However, that cannot be accomplished in a group. In order to achieve this ultimate separation, there are but two options: rise or fall. Falling takes little effort, and is therefore the default mode of separation from the human race. To begin this, one must learn to become unhuman. An individual must shed the flaws of man and become an inner beast, reverting back to forms of pre-evolution. In doing so, the individual would not achieve the honor defined by sui generis, for they merely become a lower form of life--at least determined by human perception. Although no form of life is any greater or lesser than another, one cannot become the definition created by man, for of words, the human race is the deciding force. Therefore, in order to truly achieve the befitting definition of sui generis, one must rise. This also involves a dehumanization process. Considering humans are innately flawed creatures, the most difficult method of achieving sui generis is eradicating the flaws. Very few men have achieved this, as character flaws and imperfections are so deeply engrained in the human race, like Internet Explorer on Windows computers. It takes a thorough cleansing to completely transform into the unique and peculiar individual that can constitute a class all his own.
Before digesting this information, I would like to ask of you, reader, to take this with a grain of salt, as I, the author, am human.

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