hel·low (ˈhelō/) exclamation. A salutation embodying the vibrant energy found in the color yellow.

07 March 2012


What is happiness? Once you realize you don't have it, you spend most of your time pursuing it. The trek seems pointless. Doesn't everything? The light is not always visible at the end of the tunnel but it does not mean it isn't there. Everything seems like a downward spiral, but once you finally hit the bottom, you wake up and realize that falling is pointless. Climbing is the only reasonable thing to do. Climb away from the things that paint your world black. Buy that can of colorful paint and go at it. Try to make it yellow even though the layers of black seem impossible to cover up. Layer after layer, eventually that blackness will go away. Yellow will prevail. The sun rises every morning and sets every night. It will be dark for a time but then it will be bright again. Rain and storms may shroud the orb of joy for a while but that brightness will emerge. Yellow is the hopeful color. The possible color.

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