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20 April 2012

Let There Be Chaos

There are two theories about life: chaos and order. The chaos theory revolves around the idea that everything is in disorder. All things happen by chance and there are millions of variables that are constantly changing the world around us and the lives within us. Although interesting, this theory seems close-minded. If everything is always occurring by chance, why are there so many patterns? How can predictions be made and paths be determined if life is just a spattering of randomness?
The order theory focuses on finding patterns and cycles in the world. In our lives there are so many routines and structures that this theory becomes easy to crystallize. Each morning we arise at approximately the same time and go about our daily schedule. We take a shower, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, travel to work or school, eat lunch, talk to the same people, go home, relax, eat dinner, watch TV, and go to bed at the same time as the night before. Whether we admit it or not, we are creatures of habit. Maybe our routines vary a bit from day-to-day, but even the most free-spirited of us live a structured life. We may not be as regimented as military men, but we tend to naturally stick to a routine. It is only fitting, as we are built to exist in networks. Our whole lives follow a structure. Circadian rhythms determine the times of day we are most alert or most asleep. Our blood flows through networks and channels, pumping vitamins to the areas they need to go through an inner-connected web. We see the same people day in and day out, because they are in our social web, our network, our system. Sometimes, we are too ordered. When there is no change, no chaos, our networks cannot expand. Our routines will dig deeper trenches and order will lock us in a grid. It may be comfortable, but it is not best. When we reach the end of a cycle, it is time to enter a new one.
We go through four years of high school, followed by four years of college. The beginning of each cycle is not always the greatest. While it may be exciting, it may also be frightening. We start at the bottom after finally achieving the top. One learns to start again and form a new path. The times when we enter a new cycle are the times we should let in a little chaos. We should allow the unexpected to wriggle into our lives and open up new doors to expand the networks we have created in past cycles.
The beauty lies in creating order from chaos and letting chance alter structure.
The inklings of chaos make all the difference.

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