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10 April 2012

Vacuums on Wheelchairs

Most nursing homes have carpeted hallways, dining halls, rec rooms, and living quarters. Most nursing homes are very big, thus a lot of carpet. Most nursing homes have a lot of residents in wheelchairs, constantly moving over this carpet. Instead of hiring more workers to devote more man-hours to vacuuming these floors, why don't we just install vacuum cleaners on the bottom of wheelchairs? This gives the old people a motivation to move around; a reason to get out of bed in the morning because they feel like they have a responsibility. Heck, maybe this could even be a way for them to make a little dough. The earnings from vacuuming could help pay for their room and board at the nursing home. In fact, businesses could hire teams of wheelchair-bound vacuum cleaners to come to events to clean the floors. It would benefit the businesses hiring them and also the old folks, as it is an excuse to have a change of scenery.
Quite honestly, this little plan seems flawless. It is optimal efficiency on all ends. The floors get cleaned without having to spend additional man-hours, the wheelchair-bound elderly discover a purpose in their lives, and everyone is happy.
...Until a liberal social-justice group claims the elderly are being exploited...
Back to the drawing board.

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