hel·low (ˈhelō/) exclamation. A salutation embodying the vibrant energy found in the color yellow.

31 May 2012

Chinks In the Armor

From a distance, things appear flawless. The imperfections are concealed by a void of obscured vision. A smooth face can be covered in pimples and wrinkles when the eyes of the observer come close enough to brush lashes against them. Is it ugly? The truth may not be beautiful, but it is the most honest and natural. Being impenetrable, wearing a layer of armor, gives people a sense of security. It allows a person to feel like they can't be harmed, like it puts them above the rest, on a shelf to be untouchable by others. Like some deity upon a throne, people live to hide their imperfections, to shield them behind armor and not let others see the wrinkled skin behind it. But there's no perfect armor. There are holes, gaps, errors, in this impenetrable layer. When those are found, people can see right through to the person in hiding. If there are chinks in the armor, why do people still wear it? Take it off. Take it all off.

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