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27 June 2012

If Time Was Money

People say money is time and time is money, but these two factors cannot be equivocated when the sums of their differences are anything but similar. Money can be saved and money is limitless. Putting aside compensation caps and explosive tax rates on elevated incomes, one has the potential to garner as much monetary capital as they desire to pursue. Time, conversely, cannot be stockpiled and is limited to a mean average of 67.2 years for us humans. Of course, one's personal clock may run short much later than this number, but life may also be snuffed in a mere moment. Any moment. Time is an insecure commodity. It is always moving, like a river with a steady current, carrying us like floating logs. There is no way to retard the progression or climb out to rest on the riverbanks. No amount of wisdom will allow us to store time in a jar, like dropping a week's paycheck in a coffee can for a rainy day. We try to store it, like sand, but only to watch it slip through the pit of our hourglass and remind us that nothing will freeze or alter its steady pace. Time is invaluable for its fickle, anti-sedentary existence. There's no place to store it, so we have to spend every dime of it wisely.
But hell. If time was money, I would rob a bank.
But then you'd make a withdrawal from my savings account to be reimbursed for the precious moments I stole from you by reading this.

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