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19 October 2012

On Being 19

On this day, the 19th of October, I find myself pondering my age. At the time of this post, I am 19, freshly 19 and a half to be particular. It is a twilight age. The awkward middle-ground between adolescence and adulthood. I am independent, in some sense, as I live away from home and buy my own food and generally take care of myself alone. However, I am still on my parent's healthcare plan and dependent upon them for occasional residence. I am an adult, legally, but not truly. Not a man, but a boy, under construction to become a man. There are many things I need to learn about this world. I have experienced love and loss and all other basic human experiences, but I have only dipped slightly beneath the surface. There is much depth I still need to cover. My political views are still thoroughly under consideration. My mind is open to new perspectives and I am aware of my background and religious views, so I can recontribute to the greater discussion of such ideologies. It is an interesting age, an awkward age. I am old enough to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets but two years short of purchasing liquor. It is the ideal age for me, as I am a being in constant fluctuation. Eternally weighing out my life and contradicting past ideas. Like any person, I am riddled with flaws and a project waiting to be finished. I am 19.

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