hel·low (ˈhelō/) exclamation. A salutation embodying the vibrant energy found in the color yellow.

14 October 2012

Tranquilize Me

Claws kick up dirt
Tear free from my shirt
Propel toward the game
Shred the grass, pursue fame
They run up trees, the prey
Like puppets, they act, they play
In pursuit, I climb after
Expecting screams, I get laughter
No wait, no run, they dive
Into my mouth, no drive
To pursue I wish to flee
Drag my way up another tree
Forcing itself down my throat
The game, an anchor on my boat
To new waters, trapped
In a dismal bay, to adapt
I refuse, but like a burr
The game latches to my fur
Too easy, no flavor
No need for a waiver
More game runs past
Fresh and sly and fast
I cannot chase
Drowning in a vase
Focus chained to the little mouse
Wishing to make my belly its house
My teeth its key, its ticket
To my world from its thicket
Pleading for me to devour
Trap me, take its power
I could kill it
And no longer sit
For the easy catch
Rise up and roar
Go after those I adore
Sink my teeth into those who run
Bloody my claws in a passionate race
Up hills, over mountains, across streams
Into the thickest brush, the highest reaches
And fill my wearied body with the meat
Of those most desirable
The ones I have to chase
If you walk into my mouth
My appetite goes south
If you want to discover
Everything I cover
Spark passion in my heart
Or give me the dart
Let me hunt free
Or tranquilize me.

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