hel·low (ˈhelō/) exclamation. A salutation embodying the vibrant energy found in the color yellow.

01 November 2012


November 1st. Day one of writing hell. Today marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. It is the genesis of a 50,000 word journey. A trek I am setting out on. As a result, I may not be tending to my blog as often as normal (which means I could have a grand total of zero posts in the month of November). However, stay posted, for I will be revealing snippets and possibly my whole novel (if I have the diligence to complete it) on this blog. I cannot promise it will worth reading. It may not be pretty. In fact, I can guarantee it will be quite ugly, but I can only hope that it will be complete. So let me begin at 0, and remind myself that a journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step. A single page. One word. One keystroke. Let's do this.

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